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Osteopathy for special needs care

Discover the benefits of osteopathy with James Bibby & Associates in Hassocks

Osteopathy to benefit everyone

All of us may benefit from osteopathic treatment from time to time and this is no different for those with added needs. At James Bibby & Associates, an understanding of how each patient is affected and what their experiences mean to them, alongside how osteopathy for additional needs can assist their day-to-day life can be a useful addition to ensuring their optimal health and wellbeing. We want to make sure that our clinic in Hassocks is accessible for all, and tailor our services to the individual requirements of each patient.

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Experienced, knowledgeable care

James Bibby is the resident osteopath at a school in Sussex that provides education and preparation for life after school for children and young people who have a range of social, emotional, behavioural and communication difficulties. These may stem from inherited or acquired conditions. An integrated therapeutic approach is delivered by a skilled team of dedicated teachers, residential staff and therapists, taking into account of the insights of parents, carers and other members of staff as well as data from more formal assessments. James works closely with the school nurses, staff and parents to deliver osteopathic care to students on a regular basis.

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James Bibby & Associates in Hassocks are here to help, and we'll be more than happy to discuss treatment with you. 

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