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Pregnancy and new mums

Get pregnancy osteopathy from James Bibby & Associates in Hassocks

Specialist pregnancy osteopathy

Having a baby can take its toll on the body, from pains during pregnancy to recovering from the birth. James Bibby & Associates are here to help for care and support during and after your pregnancy, to help make any pain and tension in your body feel better. Osteopathy is safe during every stage of pregnancy, and we understand how pregnancy affects the body, so that we can help you to feel better.

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Pregnant and new mums: About Me

Pregnancy osteopathy

While pregnancy can be an exciting and happy time, it can also put a huge strain on the body. We’re here to help alleviate any discomfort that you may be feeling, and even start to prepare for the birth. Many of the common symptoms during pregnancy, such as lower back and pelvic pain and indigestion and heartburn, can get worse due to postural changes as the pregnancy goes further along. Osteopathy can help with this, to try and make sure your pain is being managed and prevented in any way we can.

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Osteopathy for new mums

Osteopathy can help the body to recover from pregnancy and labour, along with making the physical demands of caring for a new baby a lot easier. We want to help you to feel more like yourself, and to assist with helping your body to feel better after the birth.

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See how pregnancy osteopathy can help

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