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Paediatric osteopathy

Get the highest standard of treatment from James Bibby and Associates in Hassocks.

Paediatric osteopathy specialists  

At James Bibby & Associates, we understand the importance of recognising any issues quickly, and treating aches, pains and injuries in children could help to avoid problems further along the line. Your child will receive the highest possible standard of care at our welcoming clinic in Hassocks. We're sure that treatment will help your children to feel healthier and happier, and aid recovery from any injuries.

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Paediatric osteopathy: About Me

Osteopathy for babies

An Osteopathic assessment after birth can help to detect potential problems and aid the often difficult transition to life in the outside world. Osteopathic treatment can help to resolve any strains within the body from pregnancy and delivery that can contribute to unsettled behaviour and feeding or digestive difficulties.

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Children's osteopathy

As children grow, developing a healthy body is essential for allowing them is essential to allow the child to reach their full potential. The physical effects of traumas from birth, accidents, injuries and illnesses can be carried throughout life & become assimilated into the growing & developing body. This can contribute to postural imbalances, illnesses and discomfort, and osteopathy can treat any underlying issues to help your child feel comfortable and pain-free.

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Expert paediatric osteopathy

We're highly qualified specialists, so please contact James Bibby & Associates in Hassocks to learn more. 

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