Who we treat

Who we treat


James Bibby & Associates is a practice noted for its concern with the care of the whole family, from the routine checking of newborns and their mothers, to helping the elderly lead an active life.

Osteopathy is not directed towards treating or curing specific conditions but to treating the whole person, to ensure optimal mechanical function. The mechanical integrity of the body is fundamental to good health and when healthy function is restored symptoms usually reduce.
This is the area in which osteopathy can excel, as Osteopathic treatment can benefit patients with a wide variety of symptoms and conditions by attempting to correct the causes of their particular problems.

Osteopaths are known for treating musculoskeletal problems such as low back pain, neck pain and other joint pain, so Osteopathy has been recommended as a treatment of choice for low back pain by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidelines. In addition to musculoskeletal problems osteopathy can also play an important role in helping to improve and optimise general health. ​Patients have also found that many other symptoms can benefit from osteopathic treatment which can include sciatica, migraines, headaches, colic, reflux, anterior tongue tie and posterior tongue tie (Ankyloglossia), Frenulectomy and more

Due to the diversity of Osteopathic approaches, Osteopaths are trained to adapt their techniques to provide effective treatment to patients of all ages. Thus all patients requiring treatment can be helped regardless of age or constitution. Nobody is too young, too old, too fragile or too robust to benefit from Osteopathy.

James Bibby and Associates have experience in the Osteopathic treatment of patients ranging from premature infants right through to the elderly. This includes the treatment of many babies and children and those with special needs using gentle osteopathic techniques, plus experience in the treatment of high level professional athletes across a range of sports, who may require a different level of Osteopathic care.

It is impossible to provide a complete list of the types of myriad patients who may benefit from Osteopathic treatment and therefore are always available to discuss any particular symptoms or conditions over the telephone, we pride ourselves in offering gentle osteopathic techniques tailored to each individual. If you have any questions, please telephone James Bibby & Associates on 01444 248002 to speak to one of our osteopaths. Based in Haywards Heath we are easily located from Burgess Hill, East Grinstead, Forest Row and the surrounding West Sussex areas. 

What we treat

We also offer baby and children's osteopathy which has been found to help with problems in young age including crying babies, unsettled babies, anterior and posterior tongue tie, relfux, colic, headache, sciatica and migraines. Based in Haywards Heath we are easily located from Lindfield, Hassocks and surrounding Sussex areas. 

Book an appointment with James Bibby & Associates Registered Osteopaths to help treat your back pain by calling 
01444 248002 

Based in Haywards Heath we are easily located from East Grinstead and the surrounding West Sussex areas

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