Paediatric Osteopathy

Zoe Clark, Tunbridge Wells

'We took our baby boy to see James when he suddenly started having colic symptoms at 5 weeks old. His treatment was amazing, he told me more about the birth than I knew, and my little baby's symptoms totally disappeared within a month. We had a short course of treatments, not more than we needed, and not less, and James made a considered assessment of if we needed to return every time, and offered me the opportunity to call and discuss any issues before the next treatment to see if it was necessary. We were so impressed that we use him now as our family osteopath, and would happily recommend him to anyone.'


An Osteopathic assessment after birth can help to detect potential problems and aid the often difficult transition to life in the outside world. Osteopathic treatment can help to resolve any strains within the body from pregnancy and delivery that can contribute to unsettled behaviour and feeding or digestive difficulties.

Toddlers to Adulthood

As children develop a healthy body is essential to allowing the child reach their full potential. The physical effects of traumas from birth, accidents, injuries and illnesses can be carried throughout life & become assimilated into the growing & developing body. This can contribute to postural imbalances, developmental delay, repeated illness and discomfort that can manifest as behavioural concerns. Osteopathy aims to reduce these physical strains and optimise health & development.

Zoe Clark, Tunbridge Wells
'We first went to visit James Bibby when our son was 9 months old. We found him to be thorough, considered, knowledgeable and gentle, and so very good with our little one. So good, that whenever we have had an issue, we have always gone back to him. His treatment is gentle and amazing, and my son says that James' hands make him feel better again. What more could you ask for?!'
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