Cranial Osteopathy

What problems does cranial osteopathy help with?

Cranial osteopathy can relieve a number of problems for your baby, such as feeding troubles that are the result of a sore jaw or cases of reflux that have cropped up because of an affected diaphragm. Treatments are usually given every few days to start with and then less frequently.
Certain types of baby head pains can also actually masquerade as colic or reflux.
Cranial osteopathy can also be excellent in helping with flat head syndrome. Together with home measures and advice, your baby’s flat head can be successfully dealt with before any permanent changes take place.
Many cranial osteopaths will also work on the tailbone as well as the skull, as the brain sack and fluid extend down the spinal canal and attach near the tailbone making it possible to influence the sack and the flow of fluid from this region.
Lucie Sharp, Burgess Hill
'I sought the services of James, on advice from my midwife that my son would benefit from seeing a cranial osteopath, due to a quick delivery, tightness in his head and neck and struggling to breast feed. James came highly recommended from friends and family that had also benefited from using him.

In our first session James suggested I have my son checked for posterior tongue-tie which after investigation was the case. After two to three sessions his neck was relaxed and he could move his head to look both ways instead of fixed one way. He was calm and settled he slept through the night and is still very much a good sleeper.

I decided to take my second child to James as she was very unsettled and would scream for hours on end. After James' sessions she was happy and would give me some hours peace. With James' help we came to the conclusion of an allergy and now is happy on her dairy free diet. Without James she would have just been written off as a colicky baby.

I cannot thank James enough and would highly recommend his services.'
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